What is my car worth? Find Your Market value of cars


There are many ways to know the car worth whether it is running or not. We have a car valuation report which gives you an idea of the current market value of your used car. Whether you are buying a vehicle, selling your old car or part-exchanging, it pays to do your research and have a better offer without struggling too much.

  • When purchasing a new or used car, you want to make sure you are not paying much and getting a genuine deal for you.
  • If you’re selling your old car set an accurate price as per the market standard and get cash for cars. Dealing with people is not always straightforward, in this case, they will bargain on that price which you offer while overestimating could make it a hard sell.
  • If you’re thinking of selling a particular car part or part-exchanging, you don’t want to feel hesitation into accepting an offer without knowing if it’s a good price or not.

We have our used car valuation engine which also provides you with an instant estimate of the car based upon the market rate. Our valuation engine is highly known and trustworthy by our clients all over Australia with a detailed valuation report. If you are looking to sell your old car then our car valuation report breaks down the true car buying price, no matter from where you are purchasing it. It can differ in selling your car to a dealer or by private selling. 

We offer an online quote form

At the online platform this is another way to get a valuation, there are few details about your car that you have to fill in that quote form to get a fair price, such as year, make, model etc. With the help of our expert team, we can schedule an inspection for your old car, after inspecting you will get an exact price.

What affects your vehicle’s value?

It’s important to know that a variety of factors contribute to your car’s price. To get your estimate, consider the following factors which might affect the price.

Vehicle’s Age

The manufacturing year or age of your vehicle makes a big difference in your vehicle’s price. Usually, age difference decreases your car’s market value. Sometimes luxury or vintage cars can increase the price.

Car’s Make and model

According to our research, some popular models manage to keep their importance and are stronger sellers in the second-hand market offering you the highest price. 

Vehicle’s Mileage

We all know that generally, the more mileage on your vehicle can cause the lower value. Obviously, more mileage indicates wear and tear on your vehicle’s parts.

Interior, exterior or mechanical Condition 

It is not just about interior faults that count, some dents, scratches, any other exterior damage can cause less worth for your car depending on the car’s condition. All the factors are important to get a price to sell your vehicle. 



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